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Marketing synergy is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. Peer into the added-value associated with consolidating your marketing efforts and using the experts all housed under the same roof.
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In today’s Web 2.0 world you need more than a great website sprinkled with keywords for a successful Internet marketing campaign. You need a plan that evolves with your company and an ally in your corner that stays on the cutting edge of new media. New media synergy provides clients the marketing edge they need to succeed based on a combination of strategy, design and development, online advertising, web analytics and maintenance. It is about identifying the right web 2.0 roadmap for your business and implementing successful interactive solutions that work together for a successful, multifaceted campaign, ensuring your company a competitive advantage.

New media synergy allows companies to establish a strong online presence, focusing on areas of opportunity and risk that other competitive firms have left open while the marketplace shifts around them. With services across a range of digital options such as custom search engine optimization, digital marketing, Web 2.0 applications, social media planning and advertising, media content marketing and consulting, and online presence management, savvy investors know that new media and web technologies highlight a key area of opportunity for their company.

New media synergy makes it possible for you to benefit from bidirectional messaging, where people who subscribe to your e-newsletters, social media, and other new media outlets view the same content that reinforces what they have seen through other channels. Employing the Web 2.0 segment of new media synergy, you establish a dialogue and a relationship with consumers. Primarily distinguished by the ability of visitors to contribute information for collaboration and sharing, Web 2.0 architecture offers an incredible number of options for flexible web design, creative reuse, and easier updates. The capabilities of new media synergy are as endless as the opportunities it yields— utilize the advantage, create a unified strategy and significantly raise your ROI!

—Jerry Burke, Chief Branding Guru, OMG National

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—Jesse Lubar, President, OMG National

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