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Looking for that extra edge over your competition? Use our proven SiteSpokesPerson product to increase your calls-to-action, outline a product or service, or give a guided tour through your website. There is no better way to add a personal touch to your website or presentation. Be sure to check out our gallery and select the SiteSpokesPerson that is right for your company image.
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As digital technologies become more pervasive, your opportunity to be more creative increases. With the advent of Web 2.0 practices, websites have stepped up their game when it comes to non-traditional multimedia marketing practices. OMG National offers a number of products that serve as both functional and aesthetical upgrades to your existing website.

One of our featured products is the SiteSpokesPerson, a video representative that will welcome visitors to your site, promote an existing product or service, and/or simply guide customers to a specific call-to-action that will increase your bottom line. Adding a SiteSpokesPerson to your website can not only increase conversion rates but also add a personal touch through the inclusion of our numerous virtual models.

OMG National’s video experts will work with you to determine the best placement of a SiteSpokesPerson and will then script, record, and produce a fully-tailored video SiteSpokesPerson for use on your site. The file will be placed on your site and hosted, free of charge, on our distributed file server system indefinitely. We have numerous talented virtual models that are sure to be able to fill any niche placement you may have. In many cases, clients will even send their specific wardrobe requirements, including company shirt, to take advantage of the tailor-made product. There is no better way to put a personal touch on your website and give your web presence the competitive advantage it deserves.

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